Our Story

A creative person seeks to introduce into the world ideas that reflect the intricate designs of life. Tibeb Leather Works is a fruit of creative friends with that same ideal at heart. We value employing maximum effort into crafting leather products with exceptional technique. Our products are evidence of several hours of patient work put into a single piece of accessory in order to ensure our customers get the best.


We aim to make our products become an extension to our users, and not just an accessory in their life. Since the early days Ethiopians used leather in their everyday life from, cots to sleep on to water bottles. We strive to reintroduce the use of leather products to tailor made to the hustle and bustle of life today.


Each product we make is fueled by the need to challenge the status quo, using business to instigate positive social and environmental change. Making stunning products just happens to be how we do it!


By choosing Tibeb, you’re showing the world that you wear your values. We hope you are able to find your individuality embodied in our designs all the while showing the beauty that surfaces with unity. With your help we support talented craftspeople in Ethiopia and empower local communities through education. Showcasing their talents and dedication towards keeping the tradition of generations intact.


We hope each of our customers will find products in our diverse stock that they relate to and insure that the products they take home will fit into their lives effortlessly, becoming the missing piece of the puzzle.



Tibeb is the name given for traditional Ethiopian textile patterns that are hand woven by skilled men and women and also translates to mean wisdom. We make leather goods that are influenced by Ethiopia’s rich history of craftsmanship. Incorporating the skills our ancestors used to weave history into the very fabric they wore. We hope to leave our mark in history in much of the same way.



Tibeb Leather Works is a social enterprise, we use the platform we have to provide marginalized women in the community opportunities for self-betterment. We strongly believe in empowering women to achieve their full potential, ensuring that they are recognized for their talents and become an essential part of the economic fabric of society.

We provide training and job opportunities for women in our workshop. Utilizing each individuals talents and building teams that incorporate social thinking and unification. We want our company to be a leading point to promote, encourage, and make social change.




+ Honesty

+ Excellence and responsibility

+ Customer satisfaction

+ Quality

+ Social responsibility