Tibeb's Social Impact

Tibeb Leather Works is a social enterprise, we use the platform we have to provide marginalized women in the community opportunities for self-betterment. We strongly believe in empowering women to achieve their full potential, ensuring that they are recognized for their talents and become an essential part of the economic fabric of society.

We provide training and job opportunities for women in our workshop. Utilizing each individuals talents and building teams that incorporate social thinking and unification. We want our company to be a leading point to promote, encourage, and make social change.


Emergency PPE production

It's at times like these that we need to come together and put aside all our differences. This is our struggle and the only way through it is in Union. That's why we have temporarily paused our leather production and are instead using our assembly line to manufacture these face shields for our health professionals on the front lines, the fearless heroes fighting for all our lives.